Coeur de Cuvée is a champagne consulting and importing company. Led by David Valauri, Coeur de Cuvée is perpetually searching for distinctive champagnes to enjoy and share with family, friends, and you! Coeur de Cuvée started importing champagnes in 2018. We offer a variety of cuvées from three houses: Charles Mignon, Delavanne Père & Fils, and Roger Brun. Each house has distinctive characteristics from the regions they cultivate. Information about the offerings can be found here.

FE0B8F81-906A-4160-AA3C-764D7C1B067ADavid’s love of sparkling wine started when he was a teenager sipping “Korbel”. Over the years his palate gained sophistication as he grew to love “Moet White Star”. Like any great love, he sought to expand his collection and began to explore the variety of champagnes known as “grower’s champagnes”. The never-ending search for the most distinctive champagnes is just starting. We would like to share our love and passion of “growers champagnes” with the rest of the world. Our fascination and obsession continues to grow daily as we discover new champagnes and new champagne houses that are forever innovating in this age-old process.

seal_FWS_Masters ChampagneIn May 2018, I successfully passed the Wine Scholar Guild “Champagne Master-Level Certificate” examination.  The exam was comprehensive and reflected the many aspects of champagne including geography, history, terroir, vinification, the styles, the vinyards, the grapes and the “Method Champenoise.” I was able to apply my knowledge from my several tours of the champagne region and my studies both directly through the “Champagne Master-level Program” and by my own texts and online readings. I encourage any oenophile to consider exploring wine through the Wine Scholar Guild.

The Wine Scholar Guild provides study & certification programs on the wines and wine regions of France, Italy and Spain.  It was originally created as the French Wine Society and quickly became the leading provider of French wine study and certification programs internationally.  In order to accommodate wine industry requests for equally detailed study programs on Italy and Spain, the French Wine Society reorganized as the Wine Scholar Guild.

The members and students span the globe; they run the gamut from wine industry professionals to serious wine hobbyists. They are life-long students of wine looking for in-depth, current wine knowledge and insider insights. They aspire to reach mastery within their areas of wine study.

The Wine Scholar Guild offers wine education and certification Wine Scholar™ programs on the wines of France, Italy and Spain as well as in-depth Master-Level certificate programs on specific wine regions within those countries and associated tours.


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