Day One

Today we visited three houses in the Côte des Bar,  2 in Urville and 1 in Avirey-Lingey.  Urville is a small village in the Bar-sur-Aubois sub region (northeastern Côte des Bar) which is historically important for its twelfth century Cistercian monestary, cellars and influence of the abbot Bernard of Clairvaux. Avirey-Ligney is a village in the Barsequanais sub region (Southwestern Côte des Bar) on the western side of the Sarce river not far from Chablis.

Drappier, Urville:


Founded in 1808 and based in Urville in the Côte des Bar, Drappier initially sold its grapes and then began vinifying in the early twentieth century. Today, this house is under the direction of Michel Drappier and his family. Vinification occurs mostly in stainless steel tanks, but some demi-muids and barrels with minimal sulfur and full malolactic fermentation. Farming is mostly organic.

We toured and tasted with  Philippe and had the great pleasure to meet the patrirch André Drappier and his son Michel.  Interestingly, we also met a visiting Finnish wine and food author, Jukka Sinivirta who presented a beautiful and comprehensive book about champagne, of course including the house of Drappier.

Cuvées Tasted:

  • Brut Nature
  • Rosé Nature
  • Carte D’Or
  • Blanc de Blancs
  • Charles DeGaulle
  • Millesime Exception2013
  • Grand Sendrée 2008
  • Grand Sendrée Rose 2010

Daniel Billette, Urville:

Photo Jul 16, 8 34 37 AM

We stumbled upon the house of Daniel Billette between our scheduled visits.  We met a few fellow champagne enthusiasts picking up cases for their pleasure over the next few months. Although we struggled to communicate with the producer as Daniel Billette spoke no english we did our best to engage with him during our visit. We enjoyed the two cuvées we tasted with him.

Cuvees Tasted:

  • Brut
  • Rosé

Dosnon, Avirery-Ligney:


Davy Dosnon founded his house in 2004, having inherited some parcels from his grandfather. A few years later he joined with Simon-Charles Lepage, forming Dosnon & Lepage and began to develop his style.  However, they parted ways in 2012 and Davy began again with his own brand in 2014. He now continues with organic methods and farming with biodiversity.  His Burgundian background and minimalist intervention style are reflected in his wines.

We toured and tasted with Nicholas Laugerotte and met with Davy Dosnon as he came out of the vineyard.

Cuvees Tasted:

  • Recolte Noire
  • Ephemere
  • Alliae

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