Day Two

Today we visited three houses in the Barséquanais sub region of the Côte des Bar, the first was in Courteron and the other two were in Celles-sur-Ource. Courteron  is a small village bisected by the river Seine and is planted with about 89% Pinot Noir. It was also an early center for “Biodynamic” farming.

Celles-sur-Ource is another small village also located along a river, the river Ource which flows into the Seine. Vines are planted on both sides of the river, 82% Pinot Noir, lesser amounts of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

Fleury, Courteron:photo-jun-19-5-11-25-am.jpg

Since 1895, the Fleury family has been in Courteron where patriarch Emile was the first to introduce grafted Pinot Noir variety vines to the region after the devastation from the phylloxera.  In 1989, Jean-Pierre was the first champagne grower to begin the conversion to biodynamic farming. Cork closure is used from tirage to disgorgement allowing “micro-oxygenation” to bring aromatic complexity. Today the house is guided by Jean-Sebastian, Morgane and Benoit.

We toured and tasted with Emmanuelle.

Cuvées Tasted:

  • Blanc de Noir Brut
  • Brut Nature Fleur De L’Europe
  • Notes Blanche
  • Sonate Brut 2011
  • Rosé De Saignée 

Gautherot, Celles-sur Ource:photo-jun-19-7-51-40-am.jpg

The Gautherots have been wine growers in Aube since 1695. They have farmed the land, worked the vines and vinified the grapes for more than three centuries.  Their methods are “Terre Vitis” certified.

The house is currently directed by Francois Gautherot and Christophe Fumey.

We toured and tasted with Francois Gautherot.

Cuvées Tasted:

  • Grand Réserve
  • Millésime 2011
  • Exception
  • Notes Blanches Extra Brut
  • Rosé

Pierre Gerbais, Celles-sur-Ource:photo-jun-19-11-01-59-am.jpg

Pierre Gerbais is a house of several generations of vignerons from Ulysse, Andre, Pierre, Pascal and Aurelien.  Pascal’s initiatives resulted in organic “AMPELOS” certification in 1996. Having worked with his father Pascal for several years, Aurelien has begun to take a greater role especially in the blending of the cuvées.

We toured and tasted the still wines and champagnes with Aurelien.

Cuvées Tasted:

  • Grains de Celles 2014
  • Grains de Celles Rose 2014
  • L’Osmose 2013
  • L’Originale 2013
  • L’Audace
  • Rosé de Saignée 2013


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